About Moreschi Motorsports

Moreschi Motorsports is in business offering quality chrome plating for the motorcycle enthusiasts, first and foremost. We are here to serve you. We have an extensive Exchange Program, with many parts for the M109 riders, in stock, chromed and ready to ship. This helps to eliminate any downtime for you, the rider. (See Exchange section for details)

My name is Jerry Duvall aka: LiquidPain on the www.M109riders.com website. I have been riding for more than 35 years and have been a true motorcycle enthusiast forever. Married for 22 years and counting, the dad of 2 beautiful teenage girls. My signature on the forum used to say, "That only a motorcyclist understands why a dog sticks his head out the car window". I think that pretty much sums it up; there is absolutely NOTHING that compares to riding the bike and "drinking in the wind". I read an article a few months ago that really explains my feelings, thoughts and mind set of riding and meeting some of the greatest people through motorcycling. Hope you enjoy

"In the face of accidents, death and loss, I am transfixed by motorcycles. Its not in my genes; its not from living next to a bike shop when I was a kid. I dont know why, but motorcycles are a part of my soul. They are part of my oxygen. The complications of this passion are many. Ive been hurt and Ive come close to a big mistake myself. So many of my friends share this passion; they share the rewards and the risks and sometimes they get hurt The rewards of riding are much harder to share than the pain. The words do not seem meaningful like when you love someone so deeply that the thought of expressing it cramps your chest and dries your throat. Words only scrape the surface of true meaning; the depth of the experience is lost in translation. Riding is absorbing solitary moments and camaraderie at the same time. Using all five senses and touching on the sixth. We each have our own experience, and we somehow draw from the same well of emotions, stress, fears and satisfaction. We share the passion and a language. Words cannot describe it but riding can!" Robert Pandya / Motorcyclist Magazine (Pg 28) / January 2009 Edition